Our clients are discerning people who are looking for individually tailored financial advice.

You've done a lot right in your financial life. However, your finances have become more complicated over the years and you no longer feel completely confident you are making the best financial decisions for your family. You are looking for someone you can trust to evaluate your situation, provide unbiased advice, and help you achieve your vision of financial success. Well, you've come to the right place.

We are happy to work with:

People who are serious

about using their financial resources to seek identified goals.

People who would like professional help

in making intelligent financial decisions and in taking appropriate action and who are capable of working in partnership with an advisor toward the pursuit of their financial goals.

People who will communicate honestly

their feelings about whether the professional relationship is meeting their expectations, and if not, whether adjustments can be made that allow the relationship to work effectively.

Getting Ready to Retire

Transitioning to retirement is a timeline that is unique to each person.

Within 5 to 10 years of this goal, or even earlier, this time represents the final 100 pay cheques or so you may earn. We'll streamline your personal financial plan and strategize how to make the most of your last few working years prior to retirement. Your working income may stop, but with a solid financial plan, the fun is just beginning.

Enjoying Retirement

In retirement, we're still with you as a trusted partner and financial steward.

Our wealth management strategies ensure that you continue to enjoy the lifestyle you worked for with a few "extras" along the way. It's during this time that many people start to do some estate planning. Consulting with us to plan your estate may seem a little grim, but it brings a wonderful peace of mind to know that everything you've worked for in your life is going to the people you love.

Have Never Invested

Over 67% of our clients had never invested before and didn't even know they could start with as little as $1000.

Had Zero Savings

Prior to meeting with us over 86% of our clients had no medium to long term saving strategy.